Digital Libraries '95

The Second Annual Conference on the Theory and Practice of Digital Libraries

June 11-13, 1995 - Austin, Texas, USA

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From the Conference Chair, David M. Levy

From the Program Chair, Richard Furuta

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Full Papers

Delivering Technology for Digital Libraries: Experiences as Vendors,
William T. Crocca and William L. Anderson

InterPay: Managing Multiple Payment Mechanisms in Digital Libraries,
Steve B. Cousins, Steven P. Ketchpel, Andreas Paepcke, Hector Garcia-Molina, Scott W. Hassan, and Martin Roescheisen

Providing Government Information on the Internet: Experiences with THOMAS,
W. Bruce Croft, Robert Cook, and Dean Wilder

A New Zealand Digital Library for Computer Science Research,
Ian H. Witten, Sally Jo Cunningham, Mahendra Vallabh, and Timothy C. Bell

Cataloging in the Digital Order,
David M. Levy

Collection Maintenance in the Digital Library,
Mark S. Ackerman and Roy T. Fielding

The Digital Research Library: Tasks and Commitments,
Peter S. Graham

Management of the Nationale HPCC Software Exchange--A Virtual Distributed Digital Library,
Shirley Browne, Jack Dongarra, Ken Kennedy, and Tom Rowan

Digital Library Research at Loughborough: The Last Fifteen Years,
Cliff McKnight

User Needs Assessment and Evaluation for the UC Berkeley Electronic Environmental Library Project,
Nancy A. Van House

A Hypertextual Interface for a Searcher's Thesaurus,
Eric H. Johnson and Pauline A. Cochrane

Automatic Extraction of Hypermedia Bundles from the Digital Library,
Hugh Davis and Jessie Hey

Automatic Creation and Maintenance of an Organizational Spatial Metadata and Document Digital Library,
Charles Kacmar, Dean Jue, David Stage, and Christie Koontz

Use of the ISite Z39.50 Software to Search and Retrieve Spatially-referenced Data,
Douglas D. Nebert and James Fullton

Enhancing Usability of Network-based Library Information System---Experimental Studies on User Interface for OPAC and of a Collaboration Tool for Library Services,
Shigeo Sugimoto, Seiki Gotou, Yanchun Zhao, Tetsuo Sakaguchi, and Koichi Tabata

Early Prototypes of the Repository for Patterned Injury Data,
Prasun Dewan, Kevin Jeffay, John Smith, David Stotts, and William Oliver

Digital Libraries and Sustainable Development?,
Amanda Spink

Using Online Information Resources: Reaching for the *.*'s,
Roberta Lamb

Digital Libraries: Issues and Architectures,
Peter J. Nuernberg, Richard Furuta, John J. Leggett, Catherine C. Marshall, and Frank M. Shipman III

SCAM: A Copy Detection Mechanism for Digital Documents,
Narayanan Shivakumar and Hector Garcia-Molina

Penstation: Easy Access to Relevant Facts without Retrieving,
Kazunori Muraki and Kenji Satoh

Short Papers

On-the-fly Hyperlink Creation for Page Images,
Eytan Adar and Jeremy Hylton

Four Lessons Learned from Managing World Wide Web Digital Libraries,
Robert Pettengill and Guillermo Arango

Public Access to EPA Superfund Records - A Digital Alternative,
Verne E. McFarland and Steven Wyman

Automating the Structural Markup Process in the Conversion of Print Documents to Electronic Texts,
Casey Palowitch and Darin Stewart

The Knowledge Manager as a Digital Librarian: An Overview of the Knowledge Management Pilot Program at the MITRE Corporation,
Kathleen M. Flynn

Querying, Navigating, and Visualizing a Digital Library Catalog,
Aravindan Veerasamy and Shamkant Navathe

Service Models, Operational Decisions and Architecture of Digital Libraries,
Yuehong Yuan, Stephen Roehrig, and Marvin Sirbu

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